The Not So Solo, Solo Travel

The Not So Solo, Solo Travel

It’s a big, big world, and it’s yours to explore! Sometimes you have to go at it alone. More often than not, there’s no one better equipped to blaze your trail other than you. Embarking on solo travel doesn’t have to be lonely, so here are some positive aspects of taking a trip on your own!


There's nothing quite like exploring a new place while enjoying the peace and quiet or roaming foreign streets and meeting new people. Solo travel is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends.

Be approachable. Offer to take photos for that stranger. Ask strangers for directions.

You'll encounter interesting conversations with people you'll never speak to again on some trips, while on other trips, you'll make like-minded friends you've been waiting to meet all your life. These could be people with backgrounds and experiences different to your own, only travel could have crossed your paths.

Before you know it, your new friends will bring you to the road less traveled and make your travels much more rewarding.

Visit That Long Lost Friend

It's perfectly normal for people to lose touch with each other as the years go by. Looking for old friends may seem like a challenge but finding them on your travels is probably worth the effort.

Visit that long-lost friend and reminisce about the good old days.

Whether it’s a decade-long silly habit or witty thought patterns, when the things you do, say, and think are second nature to you and your old friend, it doesn't take much to rekindle that old friendship.

And if you're able to catch up and renew those friendships, your travels will feel even better.

Find Love On The Road

It shouldn't be surprising that travel fosters romance. Solo travel can be passionate, scary, and risky all at once, but it can also expose you to new experiences, environments and perhaps, your heart's desire.

If you think you love traveling, can you imagine how much you’d love finding love while traveling?

Walking tours can help you get a handle on unfamiliar locations, and any kind of group activity will introduce you to new people who might be looking for someone new too! Talk to that person you’ve been eyeing on across the bar and enjoy each other’s company.

A lifetime relationship can happen when you least expect it.

Discover New Cultures

Have you ever traveled to a place knowing you’ve done all the tourist attractions in the guidebooks, but feeling like you know no more about it than before you visited? It's probably a sign that you should immerse yourself in new cultures.

Immersing yourself in the local culture can give you a lot of outlook around other people's customs and what influences their values and traditions.

One way to make your travels more unique and memorable is to absorb the local culture of each destination, rather than simply observing it. By seeking out local people, places, and activities, you’ll learn more about new cultures and find it more interesting than you ever thought possible!

Break down that barrier and create that cultural connection. With no-one else to distract you, traveling on your own can make you more aware of your surroundings, discover new cultures and communities., and offer your different perspectives in life.