Travel Buddy

Traveling can be an incredible
experience, but it's even more so
when you have a travel buddy to
share it with. From a road trip
across the country to an adventure
in a foreign land, having a travel
buddy gives you a sense of
fulfillment that can't be matched by
anything else. Keep on reading and
you'll be convinced why a travel
buddy is a win-win situation!

Always Choose
Travel Buddy

Arrived at the gate earlier than
expected? Hop on the trolley and get
your travel buddy to push you around!
Modern airports usually provide
exciting facilities for you and your
friends to explore such as an indoor
rainforest, virtual golf course, or you
can just pull harmless pranks with each
other! Explore the airport together
and discover what the airport has in
store with your travel buddies. It’s
never a dull moment waiting in the
transit with friends!

Always Make Time
FOR Your Travel Buddy

Why not step it up and try a capsule
hotel for a change? Capsule hotels
capture the hearts of adventurous
travelers with their convenience,
novelty and unique experience. It
literally provides the right amount of
space for those late-night chats, witty
humors, and the opportunity to make
new friends with your capsule
neighbors! The co-sharing
accommodation is also perfect when
you’re out and about, giving you a
comfortable space to crash before
moving on to your next destination.

Find Your New
Travel Buddy

One of the best ways to explore all
your potential strengths, weaknesses,
and options in life is to travel solo.
Pack your American Tourister luggage,
book a homestay, and get to know
your host. Think of yourself as more of
a house guest than a hotel customer!
Your host will be more than happy to
share with you the less touristy
lookout point, experience the unique
local culture, or even make your
homestay feel like home. It’s always
worth it to build that meaningful
connection with your host. And when
you take your American Tourister
luggage as your travel buddy, you’ll
never run short of fun things to do!